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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The S-Thread Thread For 12/11/12: When Analyzing Racism Completely and Idiotically Wrong.

It really is annoying whenever someone talks about someone they don't know in a negative light without knowing at least some semblance about that person.

It's even more annoying and disturbing when supposed journalists or news organizations talk about a person without knowing their backstory and lumping them recklessly with incongruous and idiotic assumptions.

It gets yours' truly to his boiling point when I witness people who have no sense of sports journalism, and in particularly tennis journalism, and indolently do a report about a player without any knowledge of that player before that player's current incident enters the mainstream discussion, leading supposed journalists to write a poor piece not cognizant of who they are writing about.

Today, we have been presented with that very sad and ridiculous case.

For those casual tennis (or sports) fans or not, but know about Serena Williams, here's a quick runthrough on this asinine and completely mind-numbingly dumb lumping of Caroline Wozniacki somehow now being a racist, especially from black websites that have no clue about Wozniacki and her friendship of Serena.

Currently, it's offseason for both the ATP and WTA tennis players before the 2013 starts in January in Australia. That means it's exhibition time, and on Friday/Saturday, Serena, Caroline, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova took part in Roger Federer's Gillette Tour in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Transitioning right to the point, some players in exhibitions understand that it's a completely meaningless endeavor and it's time to entertain the crowd. Some players like Wozniacki or Andy Roddick, or Serena even, have the ability to just be entertainers, whether they are funny or spectacularly unfunny. Either way, it shows a diverse side of a player not being just a stiff on court, but a galvanizing personality.

Wozniacki is one of the most colorful characters in all of sports, as well as one of the more amicable people in general.

Most importantly, in her impersonating Serena's physique over the weekend in her exhibition match with Sharapova, are three key points:

1) Serena Williams really likes and gets alone quite well with Caroline Wozniacki, something these black websites who only know Serena and Venus Williams and don't have a competent sports reporter or tennis reporter fail to realize before babbling "Oh, white racial ignorance again!" 

2) Caroline Wozniacki impersonated Serena Williams before, during last year's exhibition season in Slovakia, after she was impersonating Dominika Cibulkova too!

3) Caroline Wozniacki is not the only top player and friend to imitate Serena before. Andy Roddick, a long time friend of Serena for those not fans of tennis, imitates Serena too in exhibitions as well

Yet, we had NewsOne, and then The Root, and then Black Voices on Huffington Post irresponsibly fan the flames and trump up the "racist" word without even knowing an iota of Wozniacki or her friendship with Serena Williams.

And now, even good people at Salon and other sites, without even knowing Wozniacki, have come in with the headline to ask the question of the Danish star's actions and intent being potentially racist.

I mean, goodness gracious, Wozniacki was the only female player to visit Serena in the hospital last year when she had her major pulmonary embolism, as well as go to Miami Heat games with Serena in the past! She's not stereotyping black women, she is impersonating just Serena Williams!

This is what happens when people talk abut stories and people they don't know, especially when it comes to sports and in particular, modern day tennis.

And it is so vital and essential that tennis journalists who cover Wozniacki (like myself) and know how friendly Serena is with her and viceversa to correct all the stupid assumptions and reports of Caroline Wozniacki being racial insensitive to Serena Williams.  
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