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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TWD Election 2012 Aftermath's 1st Thread For 11/7/12: The Hilarious Anger of The Nuts And the Liars

Oh it is glorious, and this is before even Pennsylvania was closed. O'Lielly was blowing a gasquet and fearing his American white world dominance was ending (And the silent disbelief on Megyn Kelly and Baier's face when O'Lielly said "the country" is changing" was hilarious):

"People feel they are entitled to things, and which candidate is going to give them things." And you should all know what he meant by being entitled to things.

He almost was on the verge of reverting back to his epic nutcase self, though he is always a nut:

It really was quite fascinating and hilarious to see, but expected though.

The Whole Delivery's election aftermath coverage will continue, as this day proceeds.

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