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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Election 2012 Mid-Day Thread #1 For 11/6/12: Voter Suppression Is Not A Joke Joe

Proud Maryland native and House member Elijah Cummings (D) really was annoyed this morning with Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e laughing off voter suppression efforts throughout the country from Republicans yesterday.

And he certainly expressed that quite candidly to them face to face.

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"This thing, I listen to you all Joe yesterday, y'all were kind of laughing about it. It's a very serious issue. 
 It's an emotional (issue) . I predicted a very long time ago that African-american people would come out in record numbers, and that is already happening in my district. They are coming out in records numbers because they do not like the idea that there seems to be a concerted effort to stop them for voting."  
Scarborough blamed David Gregory, who is even worse of course, with his silence on the issue on Meet The Press all throughout the election season despite supposedly being a professional multi-million journalist. And his silence there and then for everyone to see.

Kathy Kay looked shocked and perplexed, wondering why would Republicans try and deny people, including black Republicans, the right to vote. It was Beltway centrist media figures off their high, seclusion bubble in D.C. and smacked into reality for a rare refreshing time.

It was a telling incident of many on the Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e of a election show, three hours more than its regular version of sad, vapid centrist dribble.

Thankfully Elijah Cummings was not tolerating their nonsense, especially Gregory and Scarborough's, not one bit. 
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