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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Campaign is Over Thread #1 For 10/19/12: Who?

One of the few, great things about this ridiculous general election campaign filled with more peculiar, elitist, nutty, arrogant, unhinged, and downright idiotic Republican and conservative behavior is the fact that a lot of annoying people of the past have been largely rendered irrelevant.

Peggy "Brooklyn has diversity!" Noonan, David "Applebees" Brooks, David Frum, Mark McKinnon, and many other prod hacks, liars, and deceivers have not be considered important enough to change conversations this election and maybe forever now.

But one voice who I have forgotten about completely has been one Joey Lie-berman, the person who hates American liberals/progressive more than anyone else in America that is not a Republican/conservative. And it has been such a relief for not only me, but a lot of other rational people.

It must pain Lieberman that as he leaves as the Senate's biggest corporate whore that no one, not even his beloved Andrea Mitchell, has bothered to even ask for his thoughts on the race on TV (although I'm sure if he ever took up Rachel Maddow's long time requests to have him on her show, she would more than appreciate what he has to say for being the biggest hater of Democratic principles by a former Democrat ever).

Joey Lie has placed himself in this position of irrelevance a long time ago, and that was before Ned Lamont, Markos Moulitsas, and Jane Hamsher were the people his heart hated the most after any brown person.

Joey Lie's love triangle with McCain and Lindsay Graham already made his legitimacy completely nonexistent, and his despicable ways reached its climax by making sure his friends at Wellpoint, BlueCross BlueShield, and Aetna kept their high profits instead of helping give Americans a public option before turning 65 or being unbelievably poor in the winter months of 2009 and early 2010.

But now, it seems that Joey Lie has been placed into witness protection with how he has not been seen at all in this presidential election. And I'm not even certain that Chris Murphy or Wrestling Ice queen Linda McMahon have even had to ask a question or two about Murphy's predecessor on their campaign trail in Connecticut (because Murphy is not losing that race).

So while he goes into becoming a proud lobbyist at home and in the Beltway for his moral less health insurance industry friends, it must pain Joey Lie-berman that he isn't receiving the attention he so loves and craves as the "independent of the Senate," a title long bestowed to a real person in Bernie Sanders instead of a fake like Lie-berman.

Most importantly, it sure is relieving for us that we don't have to deal with his proud smugness and arrogance towards the rational people in America who don't tolerate deceivers and charlatans like him. 
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