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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 2nd Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread #1 For 10/25/12: The Desperation Is Embarrassing

Always at the heart of The Very Serious, centrist media's ultimate desperation to make this election be a neck and neck horse race is one Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e.

Now this segment, featuring the usual, great, centrist, Very Serious disgrace Jon Meachem of course, was so desperate to still paint Ohio as a see-saw contest that instead of the "Likely Voters" model (which shows Obama up decently in Ohio), and the Registered Voter model (which will always show any "swing state" with an edge to Obama), they chose instead to use something I have never seen used before on TV.

The "Yet to vote in Ohio" poll. I kid you not.

Since they are so angry that their horse-race election in Ohio and the country is in danger thanks to that "evil liberal concept" that is early voting and that the Obama administration & campaign team is excellent at registering voters while others are preventing shameful voter suppression efforts, Morning Joe tells the casual viewer who isn't able to weed though simple centrist media tricks that the race is still a tie, especially in Ohio!

The casual viewer won't notice the difference between Likely or Registered or now "Yet to vote" poll. All they will see simply is the word "poll" and figure out that Ohio is tied, just like this whole race is tied.

It really is quite alarming as usual that our centrist media just doesn't care about telling the whole truth and the whole story, with not a true care in the world for the process of fundamentally sound journalism and properly informing their fellow American citizens.

Of course that is and has always been the case (at least since the days after Murrow and Cronkite), and with the traditional media getting more corporate centrist (outside of a few brave sources with clout) that is to be expected.

But the sheer desperation this time is really noticeable, and definitely going to be exposed with the online rational community and news networks.

These desperate tricks are unacceptable to journalism and really caring about the American citizen. But frankly, when have they primarily cared about their fellow countrymen and countrywomen, outside of a few sources? We all know the answer to that if you are rational and have been attentive.      

But hey, why bother to tell the whole story instead of simply relying on antiquated Likely Voter models that never poll extensively in minority communities.

Just another part of our "great" American story.

(More to come in the 2nd Thread, later). 
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