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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ed Rendell Gets The "STFU" Honor Of the Day

Rendell made his claim to annoyance fame throughout the Democratic primary of 2008 by being a shill voice for then Senator Clinton. He just couldn't follow the right talking points of the time. But it showed how much of a fraud on the national stage that Rendell is.

He is the same individual that said if Joe Sestak decided to run against Arlen Specter for Senator that he would get killed and marginalized, displaying himself as a "status quo" Democrat.

And today, as the KSM in NYC event looks to not be happening, Rendell's off message ways continue by saying that Gitmo with a military tribunal would be the ideal setting!
"Let him plead guilty before a military tribunal in Gitmo," Rendell said on Fred Thompson's radio show today, citing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's worries about security around the trial. "I just don’t think you're going to find a juridiction that’s going to feel any differently than Mayor Bloomberg and the City of New York."
Truly amazing how even renowned Democrats forget that we have laws to abide by and all.
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