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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Reactions To A "State of The Union Address" Ever

Tonight, there has been a lot of stupidity to go around.

Chris Matthews placed himself into Howard Kurtz's vapid attention span for a whole month for arguably the dumbest statement he has ever made in his illustrious career of dumb statements. He forgot that President Obama was "Black".

Now sadly, that unbelievably dumb comment (he'll probably clarify it tomorrow) will probably get most of our pathetic media's attention. What should get their attention in an ideal world, however, is how Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito embarrassed himself and the rest of his colleagues tonight like few other (if any) have done in his position.

Angry that Obama called them out on the now forever controversial decision last week of the Citzen United vs the FEC, Alito visibly loses control and shakes his head at the presidents comments, and then mouths of a "Not true" for all to see.

Watch it:

If Sam Alito can respond to the pressures of the job in a fashion that fits a Supreme Court judge like the rest of his colleagues, then he needs to resign from his position now and let someone more well equipped to accede him. Because this can't be tolerated. The decorum is an absolute nightmare for the SCOTUS.

It's one thing for John McCain to voice his displease for everyone to see:

It truly is another extraordinary event when a Supreme Court justice doesn't have the temperament to control his emotions and let them all out to see when he (or she) is suppose to not show any public sentiments at all.

And it is a miraculous accomplishment when you somehow make John Roberts, Tony Scalia, and Clarence Thomas look like terrific human beings.

Lucky for him though, Chris Matthews did too tonight.
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