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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Rationalist Of The Year 2009: Bill Moyers

In an era where quality journalism is about as hard to find as anything intelligent from a VIACOM (VH1, MTV, BET) reality show, there has been one man whose consistency and integrity in the profession has never wavered. And his steadfastness in getting to the bottom of important issues either watered down or ignored by most apart of our pathetic corporate media is a testament to how much of a treasure he is.

Bill Moyers' impact on trying to make America the best country it can be through his search for the absolute truth is the main reason why he is the "Rationalist of The Year" award winner in my perspective.

Well measured and well mannered, Moyers in his final months of television (he will retire on April 30, 2010, so please save that date if you can to start your new Year) displayed no signs of fatigued or sloppy journalism. Instead, the honesty and controlled nature of this man's journalism and commentary arguably augmented in a year where the rest of the industry seems to digress with every passing second.

His commentary on health care

His interview with Wendell Potter (Part 1)

(Part 2)

His underrated interview with Daniel Goleman on how more educated consumers can strengthen an economy

His appearance on Bill Maher's show on the moral need of real health care reform:

And his interview of course with Matt Taibbi and Robert Kuttner at the end of the year:

There have been several rational figures this year who are just as deserving for this fledgling award.

Potter was an invaluable perspective. His appearances on MSNBC, PBS, and everywhere else, as he provided the voice of a person who truly knows how the health insurance industry immoral ways and practices.

Anthony Weiner bring "Medicaid" into the health care discussion seemed like a turning point for meaningful reform. Just for that alone, he received strong consideration.

The same with Alan Grayson, whose outspoken realness was a welcome fresh air that hasn't been seen enough from Democratic figures. We had Jon Walker on Firedoglake.com providing analysis and commentary on health care that is arguably second to none. And though you can differ with the recent highly questionable moves of FDL's site leader (and that's saying it nicely), I appreciate that Jane Hamsher gave him a perch to really dissect the health care (or health insurance) bills like few other.

Bob Herbert and Frank Rick of the New York Times continue to get deeper than any columnist in the country, and the same can easily be stated about Paul Krugman as well. Keith Olbermann deserves a shoutout for being a strong rational voice as always, with the beloved Melissa Harris Lacewell getting a deserved shoutout as well.

And no "Rationalist of the Year" discussion can't be had without the incomparable Rachel Maddow of course.

Despite all of these great choices, we probably won't be able to see Bill Moyers display his rational thought and mind for that much longer (though no day or life is set with guarantees of course).

And with that, along with the individual that he is, Bill Moyers is The Whole Delivery's Rationalist of The Year for 2009.
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