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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 1st Thread/The Sports Thread #1 For 4/15/14: 25 Years, 0 Resolution

Photo from Liverpool Twitter's Feed

25 years later and the answers still escape those scarred by the Hillsborough crushing tragedy.

Beyond the must watch peice from Daniel Gordon on ESPN's 30 for 30 in America tonight, in order to give people on this side of the world even more perspective on the long term torment the disaster has brought, is the on going search for full accountability against powerful institutions that will go beyond today's poignant tributes.

The laissez-faire affair of Margaret Thatcher, the royal family and other prime ministers after her of not giving needed punishment to the Football Association, Sheffield Wednesday, and the local authorities is a prime examples of the many coverups the elites will proudly do in order to save hides.

And apart of those elites sadly are big news publications, as Rupert Murdoch's The Sun played a massive role in contributing to the smearing of "The 96" from the start with the infamous "The Truth" article from the slime that is Kelvin MacKenzie. The shameful piece of harmful "hack" journalism still bares in the soul of Liverpool, as boycotts still go on today of that Murdoch rag publication.

That paper bares as much responsibility in my mind as the police who covered up their despicable actions. They facilitated in creating the wave of not finding the real truth that eluded, and still eludes, so many people for so many years.

In a day of sporting related tragic anniversaries, with the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing as well, the oldest of those anniversaries still searches for answers even when the problem has long been known.

(More to come at The Whole Delivery, stay tuned).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Soulful For 4/13/14: Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash (2008)

This underrated gem from six years ago never ages, and neither does Raphael Saadiq's underrated brilliance.

The happy return of the Sunday Soulful series, here is "100 Yard Dash" from Raphael Saadiq.

This is The Whole Delivery. 

Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 4/13/14: Vincent With The Wrong Kompany As Coutinho Winner Gives Reds Dramatic One (Closing Versions)

Fulltime: Liverpool 3-2 Manchester City - The Winner from Coutinho 
A man desperate for a Premier League title, Steven Gerrard displayed great emotions to the global audience after the match. He told his team to start focusing on Norwich, knowing that today's massive result is just one result. 

He also had a great word to Jeff Shreeves after the match: 

More to come at The Whole Delivery today, stay tuned. 

Halftime Version - Liverpool 2-0 Manchester City 

First Edit: Aguero will start the match on the bench. 

Pre-Game Version

Biggest game of the season, and somehow, I think that with Aguero supposedly coming back, I see a rare draw for Liverpool as of late. 

(Halftime and fulltime versions to come) 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Saturday Night Thread/The Live Thread For 4/12/14: Pacquiao/Bradley 2 (First Version)

Photo from USATSI

"I was shooting for stars, on a Saturday night...." As always, it's B.O.B leading in the Saturday night:

Full coverage of Pacquiao/Bradley 2 later on in the night. Stay tuned at TWD. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays #1 For 4/11/14: Jadakiss feat Anthony Hamilton - Why? (2004)

Truly one of the great songs ever, and clearly among the most underrated.

From telling the full truth about Denzel and Harry's Oscars to him even being a 9/11 half-truther, this Jadakiss' effort from a decade ago on the Havoc produced "Why" for his "Kiss Of Death" album is an all-time classic.

The song was so incredible that it made even Bill O'Reilly respond in anger to his attacks on The Shrub (George W. Bush), calling The Lox man a "smear merchant" and going as far as to call out, as usual, the highest of powers associated with one of his targets with the Vivendi corporation (who had Ruff Ryders/Interscope at the time) drawing his ire this time.

It amazingly reached #11 on the Billboard charts despite Kiss never being glamorous enough for crossover mainstream pop music and it being a heavy modern "black (and black hood) power" song.

Instead of the thug/street tracks that made him a staple in the game with Styles P and Sheek Louch, this was a refreshing change of pace from Kiss, where he never lost his hard edge while developing a rare, sensational conscience, national effort.

For me, it is by far his best song to date, and a masterpiece for everyone, even those who hate rap or the hard rap from him that is too tough for their ears and soul to bear. Anthony Hamilton, as always, brings the full R&B soul required for an effort like this to contrast with the intense verses.

It firmly gives me tremendous pleasure to highlight this timeless track as the first song of several today as Flashback Friday choices.

So without further ado, it's Jadakiss and Anthony Hamilton with the forever epic that is "Why?"

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Sports Thread #1/The Live Thread For 4/9/14: 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Matchday 4 (First Version)

Patrice Evra sent everyone on shock notice and Bayern in worry with his tremendous strike. 

But 70 secs later, he feel asleep real quick and Mandzukic scored. And the rest was history. 

Meanwhile, as I thought below, Atletico have advanced despite hitting the woodwork three times and leaving other chances to the ground. 

It just wasn't Messi's night, as he had a snap header go wide as his only true chance that was a must score from him. 

Courtois amazing and Xavi couldn't finish that wild scramble in the second half to put Barcelona out and Tata Martino under major pressure. 

The Team of the Week: 

What a remarkable week of Champions League quarterfinals' finales for another season. The two big Madrid clubs, Jose Mourinho, and Pep Guardiola's side the last standing. We'll see what the semifinal draw provides on Friday. Take care until then. 

Pre-Game Version 

If last night served as a proper precursor for tonight, we are in store for another Champions League quarterfinal evening of the ages.

La Liga's Top two will see if they finally will break their eternal stalmate all season, in the fifth match that will settle all (until of course their season finale duel in La Liga play).

Meanwhile in the nights other game, the pressure is on Manchester United, but it is nothing like the pressure Bayern Munich face. This could be United's last game in the Champions League for at least 16 months if they go out of the competition as expected tonight.

However, it is nothing compared to the lambasting that Pep Guardiola will take if his Bundesliga champions fail to repeat their treble exploits of last season because of a David Moyes' side.

I slightly favor Bayern and Atletico, despite no Costa, to go through in what should be classics I think.

As always, hopefully a halftime highlights and full post game recap is in store. It has the makings of quite the evening, with full tension on all of these four big sides.

The 1st Thread For 4/9/14: Jonathan Fleming Celebrates After Wrongly Being in Prison For 25 Years

The first words from Jonathan Fleming after wrongly being in jail for 25 years, becoming the latest wrongly convicted and imprisoned black man in America.

"It's been a long time coming," Fleming said. "I waited for this day to come, 24 and a half years for this nightmare to be over and this day is finally here. I've dreamt about this many nights, and I'm finally a free man."

And yet, some weird lady asked the question, "Did you get bitter at any point during these 24 years?"


On a more poignant note, the emotion his mother, Patricia Fleming, displayed for his son being free is obviously a must see.

"Free man, free man, free man, it's over, it's over now, it's all over."

And the words of Fleming's significant speak to how tremendous her heart is.

And the real factual thing that will continue to persist is that there are thousands of more Jonathan Flemings, including those who are on death row despite either being innocent or not having enough evidence for justified incarceration.

More from The Whole Delivery today, later on.

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